about ME

My name is Artur Ärlig and I'm a Game Designer from Stockholm Sweden, studying Game Design at FutureGames.

I fell in love with Level Design at a young age when I was building maps for me and my friends with in-game editors like FAR CRY and Little Big Planet.

It wasn't until a few years ago I discovered Unreal Engine and my love for Gameplay Design. Levels turned into small games. 

With the help of Blueprints and how approachable it was, I created games that brought smiles and laughter which gave me a sense of purpose in life.

Even after finding games I enjoy playing, my hunt for innovative games never ceases to end as I try new games every week. Not for a moment would I decline to play a new game despite genre, but if I had to choose,

a great Co-op experience is to die for.

When I'm not making/playing games or working weekends, I tend to fall into the strings of my guitar and play the heaviest shit until my blood becomes the same density of metal itself.